New Boiler Technologies

High Efficiency Condensing Boilers

In a conventional non-condensing boiler, the burning of fuel oil, natural gas or propane heats water contained in a heat exchanger. The waste gases produced are still quite hot (356F - 392F) and represent a significant heat loss to the atmosphere. This lost heat is inefficient and costly.

In a condensing boiler working at peak efficiency, the water vapor produced by the burning fuel in the boiler is condensed back into liquid water. Provided the returning water is sufficiently cool, the steam condenses to liquid water, hence the name "condensing boiler". Some of the extra efficiency of the condensing boiler is due to the cooling of the exhaust gases, but the majority of the energy recovered is from the condensation of the water vapor in the exhaust gases. This releases the latent heat of vaporization of the water - 2260 kJ/kg (970 btu/pound) of condensate - into the heat exchanger.

New boilers are developed using state-of-the-art computer assisted design techniques and can produce efficiencies of up to 98%AFUE.

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